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The wish list

The wish list - Annette Beus

Last night, before going to bed, I asked my five years old son, what he wanted as a gift for his upcoming birthday. He replied shortly that he would make me a list. His answer made me laugh. I was expecting him to say that he wanted a car, a toy train, a robot or another Wii game.

When I continued to question him on how he would make the list, given that he didn’t know how to write, he gave me another surprising answer. He said he would make a mental note. I found it so adorable to hear him talking just like me. Kids are like a sponge, they absorb whatever they hear, or whatever they are exposed to.

By the time I finished reading him, his favorite bedtime story “The Cloud Spinner”, he fell asleep. I kissed my little angel and went back to the kitchen to wash the dishes. Because I felt it was too quiet, I turned on the TV. I let it on the Discovery Science channel, and continued to clean the kitchen.

Twenty minutes later, everything was done. I made myself a cup of lemon ginger tea and sat down in front of the TV. There was a documentary on the history of cnc cutting machines. Since I had no interest in that, I zapped through the channels for a while before finding an old black and white movie that I used to watch with my mother when I was a child. The movie was called “Dishonoured Lady”

This morning, during breakfast, my boy told me that his list was ready. I pretended that I had no idea what list he was referring to. He gave me serious look and suggested I needed to write down things before I forget them. Then he continued saying that he had five items on birthday wish list. He asked me to take a paper and a pen to write them down because he wanted them all.

Just to please him, I brought my agenda and I started to write: Spider Man, Hulk Smash remote control car, Lego Adventure Truck... While I was writing, my cell phone rang. It was my friend Charlene. I let down the pen and while I was on the phone, I prepared my son's lunch box. Meanwhile, he continued the list. He picked up the pen, and start drawing the last two items that he wanted for his birthday. I only saw it after I hang up the phone. He had drawn something that looked like a Pogo stick and a soccer ball. What a smart kid!


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