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The truth is...

The truth is... - Annette Beus

You asked me why I left. Because I promised that I will always be honest with you, I will let you know why I had to leave. I did not storm out, I simply felt like I had to go. I did not think it was right for me to stay there. In my mind it didn’t make any sense. I was wrong to tell you that I did not get upset and I was also wrong to get upset. I will explain why.

First of all, I cleared all my schedule so we can be together. I guess it was foolish for me assume that you would do the same. Also, the moment I arrived at your place, I turned my phone off, so we won’t be disturbed. The little time I had left to spend with you, it was very important for me and I did not wish to be bothered by anything else. 

Secondly, when you kept on answering your phone although none of the received calls was an emergency, I felt that you were not on the same page. 

Thirdly, I was more upset on myself for letting myself annoyed by a small thing and by having an expectation from you. I should not have. If it was a phone call from Ella, that I would have understood. I am aware that you need to answer her calls, and I have no problem with that. But it was from someone else. 

In addition, besides the fact of taking the call, it did not cross your mind to invent an excuse of simply refuse or delay your friend’s request of passing by right away. I understand that you are a good friend and you treasure your friends, always ready to help them. George would have been just fine if you would have asked him to come later in the evening. 

The fact that it did not cross your mind to that, and get that his arrival meant my departure, made me believe that we have different notions of priorities.

My mistake was to imagine that you considered me or us a priority, given that we’d be apart again for God knows how long. If you could not detach yourself from your friends and you were not able to see the things the same way as me, that was a choice that you made voluntarily.

It would have been wrong for me to tell what to do in that situation. On my opinion, the idea of not taking any calls, it should have come from you. 

Therefore, before I will return to bring your window awnings Longueuil, I would appreciate if you would give a second thought before you say something serious. Make sure you mean it.


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