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Traveling for teeth

Traveling for teeth - Annette Beus

My cousin Mary-Beth needed to get her teeth taken care off and since this costs quite a lot of money she decided to go to some dental school in Vancouver to get part of it fixed. There she got some metal ceramic crown done for around $900 which is quite a good price as far as I am told.  She needed a full mouth restoration which is rather expensive. Poor thing had some broken and cracked teeth after a very harsh accident that took place a few months ago. She was not driving that day but unfortunately was in the front seat next to the driver. On a friendly night after she and her mates had spent the evening together celebrating a birthday they unfortunately got hit by a huge car loaded with illegal stuff. The police came quickly which was very helpful for them but at the end of the day Mary-Beth was in real trouble to get her teeth fixed. Apparently dentistry procedures are quite something. Eventually she got some Dental whitening Boisbriand too and the rest done in Vancouver. I didn't know that a dental crown is a tooth shaped cap that goes usually over a tooth so to restore its shape as well as strength and size. Her boyfriend says that soon she will have the most beautiful teeth of the world but no money left on her bank account.  He makes fun of her and keeps telling her not to worry and that he loves her the way she is, but it is very hard for her self-confidence to have suffered that much. She also has a huge scar on her lip and had a black eye for about two months.  More than anything else she was traumatized for a while but thanks to the help of her psychiatrist she's now feeling much better and I must say it's very nice to see that she's getting better by the day. She lost a lot of weight but now she's recovering ok. She even started a new job as a hostess for international conferences because she's good at languages. Mary-Beth studied Russian and Japanese. Her parents used to live abroad as diplomats so she’s used to moving around. Actually her nickname used to be « suitcase » because she was always into suitcases and her first lover was named Casey. This gave her a lot of confidence because she realized not so many people in Canada speak both these languages. It’s one thing to speak Russian or Japanese, it’s another to speak both! Plus French and English. 


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