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Taking care of the lost child

Taking care of the lost child - Annette Beus

I had a little bit of a weird experience last week when I was out shopping. I was having a wander around and ducking into a variety of awnings in Montreal to see what the various shops had on offer when I saw this little boy on his own crying his eyes out. Nobody seemed to be paying attention to him, but I looked on for a little while and I ended up figuring that he must have been lost.

I went over to the lad to find out what was wrong and he was indeed lost. His mom had ducked under one of the awnings in Montreal to check out a shop and the lad must not have followed her. I assumed that she would be looking for him too and my first instinct was to just stick with the kid until his mom eventually showed up to collect him. After all, it wasn’t like I was in a mall so I couldn’t ask anybody to announce that there was a lost child over the loudspeaker.

Unfortunately, after waiting around for about ten minutes it looked like his mom was never going to turn up and the kid was crying up a storm. I chatted with him for a little bit and then started searching under all of the awnings in Montreal to see if we could spot his mom in any of the shops. He grabbed my hand and was clearly absolutely terrified by the situation, so I did my best to reassure him that his mom would be looking for him too and that we would find her soon.

After checking under a few awning Montreal and exploring a few of the shops, we finally found her checking out a dress. She was completely oblivious to the fact that her son wasn’t there with her! The lad got really excited and started screaming for his mom while still holding my hand, which of course led to her turning around and seeing me holding hands with her kid. I then got a massive ear bashing because she thought I’d led her son away. She even threatened to phone the police. I tried to keep my cool but eventually blew up at her and completely shouted her down in front of the entire store. Her son even backed up my story in his childish way. Needless to say, she was humiliated and ran out of the store with the lad as quickly as she could, leaving me to ponder whether or not I should call child services.


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