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Stuck on the Motorway

Stuck on the Motorway - Annette Beus

Why? Why did it have to happen to me? It seems that every time I decide to take a road trip to somewhere a little bit different I end up stuck in a traffic jam with nothing but a little music and the vehicle restraint systems on the side of the road to keep me company.

It was no different the other weekend. I’d decided to take a long drive up to Toronto so that I could enjoy a couple of nights in Ottawa, so, of course, the first night would be spent on a motorway while a crew did work. Surely the whole point of these massive roads is to make it easier to travel longer distances? Seriously, I would have just been better off going the scenic route. I’d have probably seen far fewer vehicle restraint systems than I did on the motorway at least.

I don’t know why it is that I have such bad luck. Ever since I was in college and got my first car it seemed that every road trip I ever took was destined to fail. There were a bunch of times that I got the girls together so that we could get away for a weekend, only for us to spend half of the time staring at some temporary vehicle restraint systems that seem like they were only put there to ensure that I couldn’t get to where I needed to go in any sort of decent time.

That’s probably a little bit unfair I guess. After all, I’m sure they announce when they will be doing work on the motorway so I should probably be keeping an eye out for announcements around the time that I do decide to go away. At least that way I might be I with a chance of avoiding those dreaded vehicle restraint systems that I always seem to end up at a standstill beside.

So that’s the plan from now on. I’m sure that there must be a website somewhere that lets me know when road works are scheduled on the motorways so I’ll make sure to check that out the next time I plan a weekend away. Knowing my luck it probably won’t help and I’ll end up getting delayed no matter which route I end up taking, but I may as well stack the deck in my favour as much as I can right?


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