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The New Multi-Storey Carpark

The New Multi-Storey Carpark - Annette Beus

I love taking a good trip into the city. For a small town girl like myself, becoming immersed in the fast moving world of city life is so far beyond what I experience on a day to day basis. It is frankly intoxicating. There are so many places to visit and things to see, plus the job opportunities are so far beyond anything that is available back home.

The one complaint I've always had about visiting the city is the difficulty in finding a decent parking spot. There are plenty of carparks around, all bedecked in their park paving Edmonton and all charging the world for a couple of hours of parking. It's scandalous really but they are always full so I guess if it's working they are going to carry on doing it.

Happily the last time I headed into the city I noticed a pretty big construction project going on and asked the workers what was happening. The guy thankfully took a minute away from laying down park paving to let me know that a brand new multi-storey carpark was being built with the intention being to provide people with more places to park at a much cheaper price that the privately run car parks that dot the city landscape.

For me that is great news. I don't know what the prices are going to be just yet but I can almost guarantee that when the car park has been built its park paving will be the first place I head to when I’m looking for a place to park up. Hopefully the worker wasn't lying about the lower charges but I guess I'll find that out when I get there.

For now however, if I want to visit a bar or meet up with a few of my city friends I’ll have to deal with the ridiculous hourly rates of whatever car park I happen to find myself at. It seems ridiculous to me that so much money could be charged just for the simple act of stopping my car on a little bit of park paving but I guess that’s the small town girl in me talking again. Back home, people are happy if you leave your car anywhere as long as it's not in the way of anybody's property. Still, it's a minor quibble and one that certainly won't ever stop me from heading down to the city whenever I get the opportunity.


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