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My Beloved SEO

My Beloved SEO - Annette Beus

I am an entrepreneur and working in the SEO industry for the past five years now. I come from a background where writing was never a focus of my studies. This always got me into trouble when I grew up and I eventually learned the importance of writing. It actually portrays the frame of mind of the person and how beautifully he represents it on papers.

To be honest, I was never good with words and I am still learning . It takes time.  I want to mention an incident that happened with me when I was young. I was not good at writing and often made mistakes while writing documents or mails. I sent an email to my supervisor and framed the main part of the content in a manner which changed the entire meaning of the mail. The very next moment, I was called by him into his office. He was a very nice and calm person. He asked me what exactly I wanted to say while replying to the mail. I told him honestly. He helped me out with the entire text and finally resent it to the concerned person.  Then he guided me that writing is a very important and central part of dealing with people that can be your friends, clients, family and anyone you meet.

This point struck me and I was keen to learn the art of writing. Now I reside in Montreal, running my own Montreal SEO company, and thankfully doing well in business. I searched a lot of content on web and learned a lot from it. And one  day, an idea came to my mind that I could also be in this writing business. This was the beginning of setting up my company. I practically understood the requirement of good content being written and searched by the people all around the world. So I started my own firm. While recruiting people, I always provided a small training session based on the importance of writing. This was so that we could create the best SEO content for people who are keen to extract the best out of the huge amount of data that is uploaded every single day on the web. Now I am the proud owner of a Montreal SEO company which delivers the best of search results based on the search engine optimization approach. I will recommend to all the writers to practice the SEO approach and make content easily searchable for the seekers. Good luck.


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