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How I Met My Boyfriend At a Bridal Show

How I Met My Boyfriend At a Bridal Show - Annette Beus

Five months ago, my long term boyfriend broke up with me to go work on Water service upgrade toronto. We had been together since high school. We lived together during our studies and then moved to a new apartment. Altogether, our relationship lasted for eleven years. I was sure we would grow old together.

When he told me he needed to talk about something crucial in the evening when returned home I was sure he was going to propose to me. He was behaving strangely lately, but I thought he had the jitters. I came home first, prepared his favorite meal and waited.

Can you imagine how unpleasantly surprised I was when he told me how he needed some time off? He said he was not ready to make a serious commitment. He needed more space to decide about his next step. It was not my fault. He said all the possible clichés he could, but I was not feeling better.

I was devastated. He moved out, and I went back to my parent’s house until I found a new place to live. I could not stand to stay in out apartment anymore. I pretended everything was right, but it took me a while to recover. When I heard he found a new girlfriend, I was not sure what I felt. I was disappointed more than anything else. I knew we both had to continue living, but I just seemed too soon and unfair.

So, no wonder I was not very enthusiastic when my best friend called me to go with her on a bridal show. I said no, but she begged me, and I finally relent. She owes me big favor for this, and I made myself clear she knows that too. So we went.

It looked as usual. There was many stores with wedding necessities, wedding organizers at every step, and there are different events all the time. And all the time there were sentimental songs playing from the speakers.

I wanted to go, and but then I noticed beautifully arranged flower shop. Flowers are my passion, and I just had to go there. There was a guy working, and after introductory misunderstanding (he believed I was a bride to be). We had a pleasant conversation about a shared passion: flowers.

When my friend called searching for me, he asked me my phone number. He said maybe he would call me if he needs help with flowers. He did call me next week, but I was not about flowers. He wanted a date with me! I said yes and realized I am going on with my life as well.


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