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Freedom - Annette Beus

This is of first time in more than six months when I got the morning all to myself. I have been dreaming for this moment for a long time. Now that it actually happened I was so blown away by it, that I did not know what to do first, after I dropped my kid at school.

Being used to stay there with him until his class was done, made me arrange me schedule according to his needs. Since my help and involvement in class was no longer needed or required I experienced mixed feelings.

I was thrilled that he finally had outgrown his fear and anxiety separation, but in the same time I needed to adjust myself to my old ways, meaning to go back and plan my day according to the things I had to do before lunch time when I was supposed to go pick him up.

The first thing I had once I have left the school premises, was to buy myself a cup of coffee and sit on a bench in the park, breathing in slowly my newly gained freedom. It felt great! It felt as if I was young again and had less responsibilities and more free time on my hands.

I called my brother who was doing mold removal Terrebonne and bragged about having some free time. He was busy working and asked me to call him back later on after 12, when he will have his lunch break.

On my way back home I stopped at the deli shop and got some fresh cold cuts for the breakfast. My kiddo loves cold cuts. I don’t buy them too often because they are loaded with nitrates which makes them an unhealthy choice for breakfast. I buy them once in a way, to please my son. Today was one of these days when I felt he really deserved to be spoiled.

He is growing fast. Sometimes I feel it’s faster than I would like it, but this is the way. We get older and they grow.

When I got home, I checked my emails and spent another half an hour online, surfing the net, looking for a nice summer denim jacket for my little pumpkin. I had found one on Amazon but his size was out of stock, which did not help much. Seeing that I had two more hours at my disposal, I went to Old Navy and tried my luck in there. Would I have been able to do all this if I had to stay at school with my kid? No!


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