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Debate On Air Quality

Debate On Air Quality - Annette Beus

Have you ever wondered why the quality of air has been a hot topic lately? I think you probably do not have an idea, so here is my experience which I definitely wish to share with you. I am a high school student in London and have always participated in extracurricular activities. Talent is just in my genes, I guess, and soon a debate competition was going to be held in the city where various schools were going to participate.

As I had never missed any such competition and had been winning them, I did not want to miss it at any cost. The topics were not disclosed yet and we were told that this time, the topic will be disclosed a day before in order to assess the capabilities of the students in a better way, and from a different perspective.

I suspected that the topics would relate to the current issues and things which have a global impact. Therefore I started to scam the newspapers and started surfing on the internet regarding the hot topics. I came to realize that pollution was discussed at a much greater level, and as such air pollution was given much importance. What does this mean, I thought!

I thereby chose to search the topic and the findings were enough to surprise me. The air which we breathe has enormous amounts of toxic agents which we are totally unaware of. This means that the air quality needs to be tested and while search Google for air quality testing, I came across air quality testing in Montreal. This further meant that the UK government must have had the air quality tested as well and I kept exploring the matter.

Regarding the UK, I found that it has low levels of air pollution which means that the inhabitants get to breathe cleaner, fresher air.  The thought was enough to make me satisfied but forecasts and reports about other parts of the world were making me sad. Pollution tends to make the world a bad place to live and has been contributing to many diseases all over.

What needs to be done in order to correct these issues is a separate topic altogether. When the last day arrived, the topic was air pollution. I had gotten lucky as I'd gathered much knowledge about the subject. Delivering my speech with much confidence, the hall echoed with applause and I was sure to win this time too!


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